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Tena koutou katoa,

Pete and Takutai run an Eco-tour called Myths and Legends Ecotours ( ).
Tthey are proud to promote their school camp programme Eco School Cruises, ( in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds.
What better way to start or end the school year than to spend a week cruising the beautiful Marlborough Sounds, swimming, dolphin watching, tramping , having fun while learning .
This camp is a very educational experience and an interesting exercise in Oral histories.

The classic launch, the Tutanekai.   Looking at dolphins in the Marlborough Sounds



Looking at Dolphins

Teachers can see below all the topics raised and can prepare the tamariki before hand or use what they have learned throughout the year, you will find that Petes korero will compliment your studies of Maori culture, History, social studies, geography, and science.

Their vessel “Tutanekai “ is a 42 ft traditional launch ideally suited for his role, having bulwarks, flush decks ,covered stern area with dropside curtains so that everyone can be under shelter if weather becomes inclement.

They offer a One Day Ecotour or 4 Day School Camp.

Day One
Begins with a cultural experience. A sleep over at Waikawa Marae. Powhiri (Maori welcome) at 5.00pm followed by refreshments and finger food. A kaumatua will come in and explain the carvings in the wharenui (sleeping house).
This is a self catered stay.

Day Two
Depart the marae for a 10 min walk to Waikawa jetty where you’ll board “Tutanekai” for your ecoschool cruise. As part of their safe ship management lifejackets are to be worn and a safety brief is given.

Day Three
Overnight stay at the Tipee Village on Arapawa Island , The tamariki all love sleeping in the tipee’s.
This is a catered stay.

Day Four
Stay in a stone Croft at Furneaux Lodge in Endeavour Inlet.
This is a catered stay

All day long there will be stories they don’t expect the tamariki (children) to sit to attention, just to keep one ear open, because everynight after tea there will be a quiz. Don’t panic! You will be amazed at how much they have retained. You’ll visit special places island bird sanctuaries, marine reserves, explore beaches, take bush walks and/or take a swim.

The kaupapa (ideals) of Eco School Camps:

  • Kaitiakitanga (Guardianship of the Environment)
  • Knowing and Understanding Your History
  • Culture and Environment

Being together on a boat for 3 days teaches tamariki a lot about respect, respect for their elders, each other and for the Tutanekai, by the end of the camp they are always like a well oiled machine , everybody knowing what jobs and roles they need to play. Parents help to tie the boat up, all of the tamariki learn how to steer the waka.

Topics covered in our Oral Histories:

Wero at the Marae Wakawa Bay  Picton Nz
  • Origins of Earth, Gwondana land, creation of NZ. Geology of the Sounds.
  • Origins of species, marine life, reptiles, dinosaurs, mammals, man.
  • Tracing how Man migrated from Africa, Eurasia, China Taiwan, Polynesia, Easter Island,
    South America and Aotearoa. How and why they migrated, celestial navigation, following migrating birds and whales etc…..
  • Creation stories
  • Maori explorers
  • Legends of Kupe
  • Discovery and Settlement of Aotearoa and how Maori culture grew adapted and flourished
  • The impact that European culture had ,the effect their diseases had on indigenous people with no immunity.
  • How the introduction of their animals and pests impacted on the natural environment.

The Waka Experience with Myths and legends Ecoschool camps Picton Marlborough NZ

Abel Tasman and Captain Cook

Extensive history of Captain Cook, his vessels, 3 round the world voyages and achievements that helped shape the future of Aotearoa.

Sealers, Whalers, missionaries, gold miners, fishermen, deforestation, sounds pastoral farming, forestry, aquaculture, subdivision, development the positive and negative effects of monocultures on the environment and culture.

Visit an Island with WW2 gun batteries how WW2 impacted here in NZ.


We talk about:

  • Impacts caused by Man, changes from hunter gatherer to farmer, industrial revolution etc…..
  • Sustainability, triple bottom Line, natural capital, Integrated Management
  • Biodiversity, mono cultures, habitat and habitat destruction by the use of nets and bottom dredging (scallop and kina dredgers.) the effects they have on fish life, bird life and dolphins
  • The food chain, how it works, the impacts of Mussel and Salmon Farms on the Natural environment
  • Why are the Blue cod and kaimoana are disappearing at an alarming rate?
  • Habitat destruction, implement restoration projects, Integrated management plan for creating a sustainable recreational and customary fishery
  • Racism, effects of colonization, an overview of the Treaty of Waitangi. If you know and understand your history you will know how to deal with racist remarks that are often made in ignorance by people who are scared of things they don’t understand

You may encounter 3 species of dolphin, Orca (occasionally), seals, blue penguins, gannets.

Places visited during trip

First night - Waikawa Marae.

Second Day - Blumine Island bird sanctuary, 2 hr walk, checking out ruins of coastal Arapawa Wildlife Sanctuary, one hr walk around to Tipee village where the tamariki will see Captain Cooks Goats the last left in the world, feral sheep with big horns, wild pigs and wild horses

Third day - Visit the home of our kaumatua and hereditary chief of Te Atiawa, koro Neville Tahuaroa, he addresses the group explains how his tipuna fought alongside Te Rauparaha and conquered the Sounds. He explains the concept of Turangawaewae, ( ancestral land, ) his walls are lined with photos of his tipuna and all the trees around the old homestead are linked to the whenua of his tipuna.
We visit a sunken ship wreck, then Aunty Takutai will take them for a guided walk on the Motuara Island bird sanctuary home to some of NZ’s rarest birds.
Ship Cove for lunch and a swim then for those who are up for it a 1 hr walk along the first and most beautiful section of the Queen Charlotte Track to Resolution Bay where we observe the huge Blue Cod that come to the wharf to greet you, or travel around by launch.
From there a launch ride around to Furneaux lodge in Endeavour Inlet, or if booked out back to Tipee Village.

Last Day - Our itinery depends on your departure time , if you have a full day to spend we steam out to the Long Island Marine Reserve have a beach landing down ladder over bow, ( walk the plank ! ) Aunty will show tamariki the birds in the wetland area and point out the nesting rookeries not to be disturbed and then show them how to locate gechos and Skinks .
No shells or pakohi is to be taken from this beach , but we have a beach cleanup and any plastics found are taken to be dumped.
Then onto another island for lunch, and then we steam to a beautiful golden sand beach for a swim and relay races (if the tides out).

Then we head for home with memories of an adventure they will never ever forget !

Outside Wharenui Inside Wharenui


Tena koutou katoa,

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